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The Initiative was founded to help likeminded entrepreneurs to develop and bring unique food and beverage concepts to life. Our expertise has been built over dedicated careers working in the industry, launching and managing an eclectic range of hospitality outlets including hotels, restaurants, bars, street food market and nightclubs globally.


We are bringing the hospitality back to hospitality by creating spaces that would feel like your own and create brands that would become part of your everyday life.

The Initiative provides destinations for likeminded people to fulfil meaningful habits and connect with each other. We identify and work in close synergy with upcoming entrepreneurial talents to incubate fresh ideas and creativity, believing collaboration to be at the core of any success.


We are working hard on things that people are working hard for. We curate places that reflect our vision of a favourite hangout for the communities around us. With every experience we create, we bring our Mediterranean hospitality forward with its uncompromising focus on quality. Our guests are just like us – forward thinking with an international mindset, curious urbanites who value long lasting informal and personal relationships.

We thrive for success which can also be shared, which is why we invest in and incubate emerging talents who commit to similar values.