Food and travel have been married for centuries, however the modern times give us so many different food experiences, that hunger grows. The culinary experiences are no longer limited to eating out in best restaurants, feeling adventurous sampling dishes from street food stalls in food markets, or attending a local culinary class. Today people are desperate for genuine experiences with food that is local, prepared in private homes, or one of those small cantines that are legendary only for small group of neighbours. They don’t only want to be taken to those places, they want to become a part of the specific community, even for one night.

When people can’t travel far, they still want to be able to taste the flavours far out of reach. Hence the increase in demand for food content on social media. TV channels, short videos, youtube channels… There is opportunity for us to convey our message but how can we use this new demand to our advantage? Skift opens a debate and brings us closer to new ideas and solutions. Read the full article here