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Thibault is a partner and co-founder of The Initiative. He is responsible for the company’s global growth strategy and continued expansion, he has a great reputation as a trusted expert in the hospitality sector.

Thibault is a leader in search of new trends and a pioneer of the new hospitality world.

His knack for innovative responses to client and market needs is backed by ten years of experience opening, working and managing some of the best restaurants globally.

As Thibault has been in London for the past ten years, he sees himself as a true Londoner. However, he misses the sun in the south of France, Nice, where he’s from. Whenever he goes back he likes to play golf and hang out at the beach with friends and family. Traveling is a large part of his life and he loves to discover new places and cultures.



Since moving to London 10 years ago, Romain has worked his way up in the events industry with a main focus on marketing and project leadership. Culminating the position of Marketing & Corporate Director for a variety of famous bars and clubs.⁣

Prior to starting “The Initiative,” Romain worked as the Project Director for Olivia Productions, a global entertainment booking agency and a family run business with more than 30 years of experience. The agency creates diverse and dynamic events all around the world including London, Paris, Barcelona, Seoul and Doha.⁣



Ophelie graduated with MA in Marketing in her home city of Paris in 2019, and decided to spend a year in London to improve her English. She fell in love with the city, and she found the energy in the cultural clash of international community. To make her ends meet, she started working in Shaman Leman short after it’s opening, where she discovered her true passion for working with people in the ever-changing world of hospitality.

She has progressed really quickly, showing her dedication, great talent for people management, and now she overlooks our 5 Shaman sites in London as the Operations Manager.



With the Head of Management position, Hugo oversees the Operations of our different locations. He is responsible for the smooth implementation and execution of the company’s strategic goals.

After graduating his MBA in Business & Management, Marketing & Supply Chain in Paris and developing a personal project in a lifestyle and clothing industry called GOODAY, Hugo moved to London. There he was in charge of managing the process, organisation and the new openings for different brands such as Bimba Y Lola or Ba&sh.

Optimisation and logistics are part of his core strengths and what he brings to any team.  He carried these over to the F&B business by joining The Initiative in 2017, where he created a real customer service culture and was able to improve the guest experience even during the tough times during the 2020 lockdowns and pandemic.



Albert Started His finance journey in 2014 as a Finance student at University of Balamand in Lebanon. He was at the same time Volunteer Accounts Assistant at Red Cross.

In 2018 He graduated from university and did Finance internship at Bank Audi. Albert moved to Brighton to study his Master’s degree in Corporate Finance and Risk Management from University of Sussex and graduated in 2020.

He moved to London in 2020 and started working as Team Leader at Indeed Flex. In 2021 he started new role as Accounts Assistant at Everything Hotels LTD. He is currently studying towards ACCA qualification.

He has developed his finance and accounting skills through work experience and academic background.